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Date joined: 17 years, 3 months ago
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999 Dylan M. Blackthorn 999Accordionista, Blacksmith, Producer, and Talker and Human Blockhead for the 999 EYES authentic freakshow. Jack-ov-all-trades, and master ov a few: Accordionist, Sideshow Talker, Actor, Brewer, and Goblin, he has studied with famous showmen such as Bobby Reynolds, David Apocalypse, and John Strong. A Puppet Master, storyteller, poisoner, writer, blacksmith, painter, and current player in the THAT Damned Band. Former member ov bands the dreaded ACCORDION PLAGUE, thee HOBO GOBBELINS, SOUR MASH HUG band, and DAY of the ZOMBIE, ORCUS, and CLAN OV THE BLEEDING EYE as well as performance art troupes INTERNATIONAL MAGGOTT THEATRE, the BOB WIERDOS, and Dr. LEOPOLDS MULTI-FORM CABINTET. D.M. Blackthorn is a volunteer with the Black Rock City Department of Public Works as a metal artist, Spire technician, and general handyman.In addition to studying the art of blacksmithing with Master Smith Kirk McNeill at Freedom Forge, D.M. Blackthorn has been working with various folks in a collectivist structure putting on free, all ages parties for over 10 years, including GEEKFEST, LIBERTATIA, Pyrate PunX Picnics, S.P.A.Z., the Autonomous Mutant Festival, S.P.A.M. Records Collective, KatabatiK Metacommunications Platform, and PLAGUE WATER brewing collective, as well as booking a few shows on the side.