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Notes on a ruin 70 times 2

This book was made during the summer of 2006 to the winter of 2008. The Cyber temple:A strange and surreal vision based on the character Ruin and his sickly friend struggling to get out of a video game. There is also a second half to the book Notes on a ruin 70 times 2 Which is a literary day to day poetry feast for the mind."I used the coffee and cigarettes technique to write these bad boys."-Zach Hamiltonthe author


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Library of meataphores slowly lifting back the big darkl ceiling.Exiting through the pages in an arm chair, see the language, that reepssegwais of dimensional crust of bread coughs with eyes closed eachshape remembers yesterdays simple design, in time we reach somethingmagnificent, un seen unforgotten unreal un imaginable,unweary,except ourselves in the mirror in the morning.We will not see the magic of our stockings laughs being torn from theankles of our sorrow. Forevor more we see legistical window panes,metaphorical holes in the fabric of our tedium through out through in,through the orange moments pasted to the walls we find the vegetationof our sequince and pon the ceiling the vents seem like eyes watchingand listening and talking and frowniung upon our lives, ourexsistences, our levers, our meddling.