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Wazrom: noun Wahz-rahm Initiative-Creative Intellectual Movement merging the division of modern art, knowledge, and people across the planet.Created by Ian J. Winckelmann in 2012, in case we lost lives en masse in the days following 12-21-2012, based on the hysteria of the 2012 phenomenon, Mayan apocalypse. This would be the last true movement of the human race to either be looked at from surviving future generations, or if the prophecy was false, another piece of history that can be felt as a collective. In 2014, we saw more drastic ecological changes than ever before. As such, we cant close the book of Wazrom yet. Imagine all the people living for today, for each other, for the Earth, for a cause. Wazrom is the mantra, the verbal crystallization of united minds to let one another know we are not alone.WAZROM!"ART Jukebox" will soon be open, and it will be the first site that will link all art,music,etc from the "wazrom-movement" in order to get people's work out there,faster! Imagine not having an art cluttered coffee shop/public venue in which you have to wait 3-6 months to host art/music! Instead, having a huge digital/analog viewing screen on the wall/srecycle what we have with paintings/music/etc that can be brought up via internet with complementing music by the artist or choice of artist.. I, as an artist want the "real" work in front of me, but the "digital crunch" of these times will cause wazrom to allow billions of art/music/etc to have one site that is retroactive from 1-1-12 Tthe time of the movement This will offer nearly unlimited space, and choice...while getting the "real" exposure on the will basically be the first "art jukebox" service for the people and the artist alike. ----Needing people to brain storm more on if you like the idea, don't hesitate to contact me!-Ian W.