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Date joined: 16 years, 4 months ago
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<a href = "">Ikipr</a> is a magician experimenting in the fields of man-machine interfacing through subtle etheric resonance, chaos, self made instrumentation, Qabbalistic musical correspondences and a transdisciplinary view of both art and Magick. He works in all mediums of digital and meatspace oriented artwork and enjoys bringing interactive displays or music to T.A.Z.s - He has run the netlabel <a href = "">Aleph9</a> since 2005 and also heads the informative blog <a href ="">Phase II</a> in an attempt to spread information through piracy, podcast interviews and articles as well. He has developed a set of magickal correspondences to harmonic notes through chaos magick but linking back to all hermetic systems. This can be viewed at the <a href = "">theory section of Aleph9</a><br><br><A href = "">Ikipr Central Manifestation Port</a><br>Videos:<br><a href = "">Aeonics</a><br><a href = "">More @ Aleph9's musing section</a><br>Interviews:<br>Alterati Interview <A href = "">Pt I</a> and <a href = "">Pt II</a><br><a href = "">ESR-Quantum Chaos</a><br><a href = "">ESR-Occult Warfare</a><br><a href = "">ESR-Mod Squad</a><br><a href = "">Phase II Podcast</a>