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A distant shore

Today I bring to you an artwork a little different of what I'm used to do. When I did this, I was still without electricity due to the national blackout that happened on Venezuela (If you wanna know more of what happened you can read my post about it here) and since I didn't had anything to do, I wanted to draw, but, I usually just draw with refferences, I like to se what I'm drawing, or at least have things of what I can get inspired. And as I didn't had my laptop to search anything, my phone was dead and I had already drawn everything that was inspiring to me in my house, I started to just doodle in my sketchbook. Sadly I cannot show you a picture of that first doodle on all the page because I did not have a camera due to the blackout, but it only was a lot of lines scribbled all over the page. From there, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to me if I could be able to pull forms and a sense out of that doodle. So, I started to look at the scribbled lines, searching for some form that was wating for me to take it out, and I started to see trees, a beach, clouds and a little ship. I marked everything with colored pencils, outlining everything that I saw in my doodle, it wasn't easy. Sometimes, I lost the track of the forms that I was creating, but I took them again on the road. It was fun, a good form to kill some time, and with more advance it was taking form of a pretty artwork. I colored everything with colored pencils, but since they weren't adding well onto the heavy papper, I swiched into water colors to building up more saturation and a solid color in every form. And the best part, in my opinion is how the watercolors did the job to mantain the same color but in different tonalities. It built more depth.

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Hi! My name is Zaida, I'm am amateur artist searching my way into people's heart with my art. I'm from Venezuela and I'm studying at University. I mainly dedicate my art on color pencil, watercolor, and chinese ink techniques, but I'm willing to learn and do my art in every method that I have the opportunity to do. So, I hope you like what I do, and in someway, it can make you feel something good :)