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We area all caught in a cycle whether we know it or not. We are all just creatures of Habit. This project is a sneak peak into our cycles and how it feels from the bipolar point of view. Thanks to all our FriendsFansFoes who have been patiently waiting since all hallows eve for the drop. SO to Bookie, Feedback, Rafi, BretMichelle, Mom and Mom, Creeper, krufflez, and to My Life Partner (you know who you are) I love you more then all the rest of these people combined.......not the cats though....sorry We did it SoloCult

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Solocult is a duo rave-rap electronica group, founders of the genre known as sickhop. The two are comprised of rap lyricist Xel Xel (pronounced chel chel) and her rap lyricist, partner and beat maker Dublin McScary. Hailing from Northern California, the sickhop rap team have created a plethora of infectious grooves and viral worthy content. If you've been itching for something to fix those musical ails, this is your cure.