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Drift is a 3 song demo instrumental composed by Mike-A. These songs need lyrics! hit me up if you're a talented rap artist and want to lay down some rhymes! This album was composed in Colorado, but is mostly inspired by my 8 year journey traveling the West Coast. The title song, DRIFT has a distinct post apocalyptic feel, which I was mostly inspired to write based on my experiences while traveling through L.A. as a vagabond. In a lot of ways it's almost directly tied to my time on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Still to this day I get weird flashbacks thinking about my time there. Each of these flashbacks give me a distinct post-apocalyptic feeling, which I really cannot express any other way. It's not so much that L.A. is dilapitated or the crime, but just a weird feeling that I can't really put my finger on. The track Electrorock is my attempt at a rave-rap beat with quirky laser noises and a squeeky synth. The track Rambles is just an quick instrumental I made using a cadence drumline beat, which I layered with my quirky and trademark squeeky and electronics glitches. I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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This is a collection of songs that will eventually find itself organized into official albums. None of these tracks are mastered and were mostly mixed on headphones while I was living in my van, so take them with a grain of salt. br I'm hoping to formulate my next project from ashes of Artopium.comdarkrabbit so if anyone is interested in collaborating please send me a message (click the envelope icon top right). I'm looking or dope rappers, especially female, and anybody that wants to throw Ableton files back and forth. Danks!