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Composition 18798 framed originally

Value certified by french expert! My own unique technique! Framed!! wooden modern black handmade frame 4x3cm - designed by me. Thickness is attractive 4 cm !!! Weight with frame: 3,5kg Medium: acrylic colors, raw pigments, acrylic markers, sprays, finish varnish gloss RoyalTalens For painting used tools of my own production and my original developed techniques. Signed on the front and back (with my original stamp) Will come with certificate of autenticity and artist value certificate. Packed professionaly and shipped by DHL Express (3-5days) I will ship out within 3 days. Many thanks for your interrest in my art. All rights reserved.

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My art is inspired by life, nature, love, beauty, harmony, universe and death. Something in nature told me: write! Tell everyone you see in your mind and Ill show you the secret of the world. So I wrote many poems and lived like a poet I was humbling, reading books, experiencing pain, and not going to work and than.. I started to paint and study. Because it was hard to put all my visions into words. So, I follow the world around us but also inside us. I was born in a medical family and studied humanities, so it was not easy to become an artist. I am also the father of three children. But fortune is ally to the brave. The result of my painful endeavor is, that I am full time artist now. What else, if the art is my life mission? Now, I paint for 18 year. If you buy my painting, I believe it will bring the beauty, harmony and inspiration to your home. Value of my art is certified by J.A.Akoun. Artist Value Certification is published in the AKOUN art databases and art reference books (website, print publications ) viewed by international buyers and art professionals. Experts in art and galleries consulted these data worldwide.