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The Towers of Avarice

<br /><br /><a href="">Link</a>to the music. There are a few songs off of "The Towers of Avarice" as well as some unreleased tunes.Unfortunately, I have problems converting my files to upload here.<br /><br />"The Towers of Avarice"<br />Reviewer: Murat Batmaz at Sea of TranquilityScore: 5 out of 5.<br /><br />Zero Hour's second album, The Towers of Avarice, is possibly the most essential technical prog metal album of the millennium. It differs vastly from other bands' works in that it is characterized by an instantly recognisable songwriting aura, with machine-like instrument precision, incredibly haunting vocals, terrific lyrics, and superb production. In short, it offers everything fans of technical progressive metal expect. It is uncompromisingly heavy and capped by relentless riffage, excellent drum and bass work, and minimal keyboards to achieve atmosphere. However, rather than opting for one-dimensional, single-minded technical prowess, their music also presents a strong emotional impact from start to finish.A curious concept about a society becoming enslaved to industrialist/capitalist ideals where a self-proclaimed saviour named Subterranean struggles to liberate them, the album starts and finishes in the exact same way. Around the 2:20 mark, just as one wonders what the singer sounds like, Erik Rosvold makes his first appearance, putting aside any and all worries that Zero Hour may be another of those prog bands with great music and a horrendous vocalist. On the contrary, Rosvold is among the most talented and versatile vocalists in the genre, exuding an intense hybrid of melodicism and aggression, and delivering in a very clear, almost Dio-like tone. Shifting from raspy to crystalline vocals, he also does some narration. Dino Alden is the best producer along with Neil Kernon for this type of music around, and he always delivers the goods, with clear-cut sound separation and a punching sonic quality. Add to this the amazing artwork by Travis Smith and you have a flawless masterpiece. Since its release in 2001, this disc still gets regular plays and refuses to get old or boring. It is simply astonishing.

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Surreal Visionary Art and Progressive Rock by Erik Rosvold.<br /><br /><a href="">Link</a>to my music.<br /><br />