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Newest single from up and coming artist 'Jessienumb3rs', from Portland, Oregon but representing the entire Pacific NW.

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Pacific NW bred, Jessienumb3rs is an extremely refreshing breath of fresh air in a hip hop era that is metaphorically suffocating, from lack of originality. Born in Portland, Oregon, Jessie Sponberg II has been involved with hip hop his entire life- from rhyming words in the bath with his father as he first learned to talk, to freestyle battling career-emcees outside of clubs with life shows occuring by the age of 12. Numb3rs has consistently proven himself to be an elite, among the upcoming artists vying for top position in the ranks of Portland emcee. Unlike other artists, he not only believes he deserves be the next to emerge out of the Portland area.. He also has a city behind him jam packed with the most loyal fans an artist could hope for. Jessienumb3rs frequently shows his appreciation for his community, fans, and others who support him in various way by PERSONALLY doing ticket give aways, appearing in public to meet with fans, donating time and money to charitable foundations , and directly participating in movements important to the people that support his movement. His father was a close contender to be mayor of Portland but lost however, due to the worlds lack of readiness for true change in the political system. Self proclaimed Bernie Trump, or Donald Sanders, Sponberg Sr. was looked up to by many for his abilities to solve any problem by bringing together community. His tireless dedication in helping the homeless inspired a decade-plus of independent charity events raising 100k cans of non perishable foods, 10,000 coats, and 40,000 pairs of brand new socks.. all for the homeless and less fortunate members of a diseased societal model. Coming from this political background paved a unique path for numb3rs. It is one that is typically non-inclusive to those who partake in lifestyles as explicit as the hip hop life. His father however, also used to compose hip hop music in the 1990's-early 2000s. Under the stage name Ozone, he achieved moderate success, signing first to Sony and then eventually Battleship Records, where he continued to release music until he retired to pursue his calling in politics.