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The Oziene Experience Santa Monica

Oziene Experience, 1st day on the Santa Monica Pier, Wednesday Sep. 3rd, 2008.

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THE OZIENE EXPERIENCE is an ALL DRUM BAND made up of just 3 people. We synthesize World-Rhythms with Funk. We play HIGH ENERGY shows. We get people excited and create a party. We cause people to DANCE in random public places. This is your LIFE you're living after all, and since you have this existence, you might as well ENJOY IT. We create acoustic group bio-feedback loops, -by putting out sound vibrations which are reflected back to us by local pedestrians, who spontaneously decide to be our dancers. This ENERGY-VORTEX functions as a magnet to pull in more and more distant people from the surrounding areas outer-vortex into the powerful self-perpetuating loop of its central-vortex=THE OZIENE EXPERIENCE. Those who FEEL IT, KNOW IT -many participants have reported that they leave the area feeling pleasantly "buzzed"! -we usually do! Yes, the primitive act of DRUMMING and DANCING has many beneficial effects which are rarely understood by so called "civilized" people. People have the opportunity to vent their negative qi in a healthy, positive, way, and simultaneously, this EXPERIENCE of repetitious sounds -DRUMMING and repetitious movement -DANCING stabilizes brainwaves, stimulates Beta-Endorphins neurohormone opiates secreted by the pituitary gland, and RADICALLY RAISES LEVELS OF DOPAMINE and seratonin more mood-elevating hormones-yes there ARE things other than Prozac to improve your mood! -and there are things other than pills, to improve your health! -Be nice if some of the 100,000 people who die every year from pharmaceutical drugs knew this, but anyway... This trance-inducing experience, offers benefits similar to meditation, as we activate new areas of the brain which often go unused in our piddely day to day lives. The end result, helps people to HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! Then, your own IMPROVED CELLULAR RESONANCE will be something you can take home with you to enhance further manifestations of your outer quantum-hologram. The "Oziene Experience" occasionally plays indoors for PARTIES, they have also opened for "Tito Puente" in Boston, and were a frequent opener for Govinda at "The Mercury" in Austin back in 1999. Previous versions of this band have also playedmostly on the street across Europe, Boston, NYC, Portland, Chicago, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco-almost arrested in many of those cities too, We are now based here in AUSTIN TEXAS where We've been rehearsing under a bridge. We DON'T sell CD's, and NO you are NOT encouraged to bring a drum and play along -this is not a drum circle, this is the OZIENE-EXPERIENCE. So bring all your lunatic friends, and come FEEL THE NOISE !!!