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Love Will Never Leave You Alone

From Dana Falconberry's forthcoming lp "oh skies of grey". Written, sung and choreographed by Dana Falconberry. Produced and directed by Roy Taylor. Starring Dana Falconberry with Erika Maassen and Gina Dvorak. Additional music by Michael Longoria pandiera and Roy Taylor musical typing.

Runtime: 0:02:54

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Somewhere between a lonely sea and a lifeless orange desert, alongside a railroad track, surrounded by farmland, on a slow riverbank, Dana Falconberry is writing songs. Haunting, earnest, playful songs that bravely explore the often puzzling territory of the human heart with the wisdom, compassion, and understanding of a true original. In person, as on record, Falconberry's low-key charisma and unconventional vocals will instantly capture your heart. Her down-home sincerity, nuanced folk-influenced melodies and a lyrical sense that blends classic simplicity with subtle literary finesse marks her as a surprisingly original artist. For a young songwriter, the songs on Paper Sailboat are marked by an unusually confident artistic voice. -j. poet