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we can say that the Universe is a small part of space in a perfect harmony, existing and coexisting at the same time & non-time through multidimensional, physical and metaphysical hyperspace, under a professional control by Goad I guess using a supreme form of philosophy:, but we can also say that life on earth is a little bit out of this control sometimes: ...peoples who lost their parents and feel happiness, people who murder their own brothers and feel freedoom , people whose girlfriend is raped and feel joy, are kinda strange peeps or not...but are they really sinners? are they sinners by their own ? this is one of the main concept of 'killer hertz'..lilbit against fashion 'freaknism' & against 'think different', KHZ is about like REALLY thinking unusual, not as u did your whole life and after that even more ..n more without drugs,and when u think something, dont do that:... or think that the other side is truth as well. .. . this music believes in the innocence of 'evil people' and the guilt of 'innocent people': & try to imagine this 'whole religion' inverted, converted, two-sided u like it : when we judge someone: are we better? .. would we remain as good as we are in a much worse conditions of life? ...murder, euthanasia, abortion, sacrifice, suicide a few words about the spirit of this album.. empathy, tolerance, patience, ... if u got the point than u aint got nothin : which can be everything. however... when someone got brutally killed, imagine that maybe the victim was a brutal, dangerous person and the killer was his...lets say so: kharma try to think that this whole thing what u read here it 1.000.000 tonnes bullshit :maybe its the hardest thing to understand or at least accept everybody/the world, but maybe thats why were here.khz conclusion: a connection between astro/metaphysical errors and social problems plugged into the listeners mind to smash the implanted surface & re-enter into the depths of dark mindstates, which in the end beginning is the light .. .from quantum psychological issues to simple daily stuff expressed in killah sounds IS the killah hertz :

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<a href=""> Oliver </a>gets in contact with music in a deeper and more individual way around 1992 As a matter of fact he didnt like electronic music at all by that time. 2unlimited, capella or any mainstream sound in the 90s was just stupid music for him. One of the first influences was judas priest, painkiller but heavy metal wasnt his style either, though he loves judas or similar music even today.. he was very influenced by thrash, death, black metal and of course hardcore, like madball, biohazard etc rap metal as well some classical music and doom death too, like therion, paradise lost etc when he found the underground side of electronic music in the mid 90s, he felt in love with it immediately .. some recorded tapes were brought to him from germany by one of his neighbour .. he gave him cause he knew that Oliver loved this sick rock music till these days he never knew what that was, what band or producer he just knew it was called techno hardcore, drum n bass, hard trance, etc... But still more influenced by metal music. <br /><br />The deepest contact with electronic music was in the late 90s when he meets trance.. goa trance, psytrance, etc. It was a total change in his life. Goa, ambient, darktrance, etc became his favourite style together with metal music This influenced him so deeply that he started to think about producing music. He never really loved DJs and never really was interested in DJing, but producing became the essence of his life He produced in all styles breaks, electro, techno, minimal, deep house, trance, drum n bass, etc but the main style always remained psytrance and ambient . He created 2 projectsartistnames Audiosex and Shambala networks . Audiosex is for psytrance and some hardtech / Dnb, etc and Shambala Networks is for ambient, downtempo, triphop , etc He is also using his real name for electroclash, minimal, deephouse, etc. He started to produce in 2001 november he wanted to do that earlier, but simply had no chance no soft, no PC , etc <br /><br />The first software was impulse tracker installed on a AMD PC 64 ram, 2giga hard , etc ..imagine after that in 2003 he learned fruity loops on an Intel Pentium PC 500Mhz ,128ram, 6giga HDD , etc, but the best turn was in 2004 when he started to use Reason. He makes music till present days with reason on the same PC .. only that with 80giga HD. 2006 was the year when he released his first track on a compilation when he sent a demo CD to Lenny Dees label, industrial strength records. Compilation: Soundbites; track: Better Kill Others Than yourself. It was released on vinyl, style: hardcore & hard techno. In the same year he made a deal with Ingrooves. Ingrooves is not a recordlabel and this is how audiosexrecords was created in 2006 november.. Ingrooves is a publisher, licensor and distribuitor, but not a label. <br /><br />In 2006 and 2007 he released a lot of digital download releases and in 2007 he released his first artist album on CD as well, called KillerHertz. of course through his label In 2008 he released his 2nd CD : Female Intuition. ..and as Shambala Networks he released his first CD in 2007, album: Deep Spiritual Network Connections. Second Shambala Networks CD will be out in 2009 or late 2008. Album title will be : The Solipsist. Under his realname, he didnt released any CD yet but he released digital downloads which are available on all websites like beatport, itunes, emusic, etc. CDs can be ordered from wirikuta, saikosounds, beatspace, psyshop, etc Next Audiosex CD/Album will be out in 2009 or 10 with albumtitle: Spirit.exe .