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What was to become Heart of Stone began in May of 2005. I had been talking with long time friend Steve Johnson about writing an album with really great music and well-written lyrics. At the time, Steve and I were listening to Jellyfish and really getting inspired by the depth of the music. At this same time, DrLunk was working with all new sounds that could be used. Steve hooked up with the good Doctor and I for a songwriting session. This session yielded 4 pieces of music. One was not used at all and one was written but then shelved. The other two became Happy Johnson and Beautiful Dream. This session really got things going and DrLunk and I were off to the races. In my humble opinion, the music and lyrics that I was writing became some of the best I have ever done. We were working with new sounds and really getting the production down. The album is just a look at relationships and how they can be so damn difficult at times. I have always been good at describing the difficult times as opposed to the good times. I dont know why that is. The album can mean so many different things depending on who is listening to it. All the songs on Heart of Stone have some personal meaning behind them. They are all little pieces of my life and the lives that I am fortunate enough to witness on a regular basis. ~Tim Spainhower

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Members:Tim Spainhower ? vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards<br>Jim Della Rocco ? drums and percussion<br>Michael ?DrLunk? Head ? guitar and keyboards<br>John Allen ? lead guitar<br><br><br><br>The Fabulous Huckleberries are a refreshing and original band that appeals to all different genres. The music is a blend of pop, country rock, classic rock and the occasional touch of the absurd. Tim and Mike started The Fabulous Huckleberries as a studio project band in March of 2000. Over the course of seven studio project albums and the first official Huckleberry release, Heart of Stone, The Fabulous Huckleberries have called upon many different genres for influence. <br><br> Tim Spainhower is the principle songwriter in the band. In addition to his own music, he has fronted a few local bands building his vocal strength and performance. Tim?s influences include The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Rick Nelson, The Rolling Stones, Warren Zevon and Phish. As you can hear in the material, he calls upon all these influences for inspiration. Tim joined up with Mike in 1994 when Tim moved to Indianapolis. Tim formed a studio band with a few friends including Mike called Strange Kid Radio. Once this band broke up, Tim and Mike began a quest to write music that they could be proud of. This was the birth of The Fabulous Huckleberries.<br><br> Mike is the producer on all the Huckleberry music. When a song is first written, Tim will present it to Mike and he puts his spin on it. This is where his influences can be felt. Mike?s influences include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Little Feat, The Kinks, Ry Cooder and Neil Innes. <br><br> In April of 2005, Tim began writing what was to become Heart of Stone. The album and all Huckleberry music is his own view of everyday life and the experiences he has and those that he witnesses. During the recording of Heart of Stone, Tim recruited Jim and John to join the band. Tim had played with Jim in two previous cover bands in Indianapolis and John in one previous band. Jim was the first to add his spin on The Fabulous Huckleberries. Jim?s passion for drums and percussion began in Junior High School when his father began to teach him marching cadences while playing on a sheet of plywood. Jim progressed from plywood to his first drum set in 1979. Throughout high school Jim performed in marching, concert, jazz and show ensembles expanding his knowledge of percussion instruments across various musical forms and genres.John, who had worked in a number of performance bands and various studio projects with Tim and Jim was added on lead guitar. John?s playing reflects a diverse blend of jazz, blues and progressive rock. During John?s first recording session for Heart of Stone, Mike described John?s style as ?exploring that unique snaky feel between blues and country? adding ?If I could have custom ordered a lead guitarist for Huck, John would have fit the description perfectly.?<br><br>Huck's Heart of Stone and Official Underground Anthology are available at<a href='' target='_blank'> </a> at a special price of $19.99 plus s/h.